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Boing AH-64DHA Apache Longbow

2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion, 1st Army Aviation Brigade, Hellenic Army Air Force, Megara, 2023

A greek Apache was another kit on my must-do list. I had already bought a decal set for it and a nice Hasegawa kit and this past October I started to research what else would be needed for it. Unfortunately, I found out that the Greek Apache Longbows are equipped with a sensor package that is not present on this specific Hasegawa kit.

Instead, the British WAH-64D would be a better fit. Unfortunately, that Hasegawa boxing is not easy to find any more. I did however find an alternative solution. I found an old Revell WAH-64D kit that could “donate” the necessary parts to my Hasegawa. It was very cheap, as it was missing the transparent parts, the decals and half an engine but that was ok, as the 7 small parts that I needed were there.

The Hasegawa kit had one more deficciency: it provides the “early” nose sensor package, whereas the Greek Apaches use the late version of the TADS/PNV System. Thankfully, I was able to find an appropriate resin set from Metallic Details.

I bought an Eduard PE set for cockpit details but I did not like it very much, so I only used the rudder pedals. The rest of the cockpit was done using the 3D decals from Quinta. Finally, I replaced the gun barrel and the pitot tubes with parts from Master Model.

Painting was done using Helo Drab FS34031 (MRP-174). To kill two birds with one stone, in parallel, I built a greek Bell UH-1H Huey that uses the same colour.

The final problem I had to deal with were the decals. The serial numbers on the tail boom were impossible to place and allign AND they broke in pieces. The solution to paint the serial using my own masks, made with my new Cricut Joy, cutting machine and some Oramask 810 film. They turned out fine!

Products Used

Hasegawa AH-64D Apache Longbow1/4807223
Revell AH-64D / WAH-64D Longbow Apache1/4804420
Quinta Studio AH-64D Interior 3D Decal1/48QD48362
Eduard AH-64D1/48FE201
Metallic Details AH-64 Apache – TADS/PNV System Late version1/48MDR48106
Master Model AH-64 Apache – M230 Chain Gun barrel (30mm), pitot tubes and tail antenna1/48AM-48-125
Eduard AH-64D Masks1/48EX022
LM Decals HAA Apache AH-641/48LM 48004