scale models

Bell UH-1H Huey

2nd Army Airlift Battalion, 2nd Army Air Group, Hellenic Army Air Force, Megara, Greece 2000

Last summer, I visited a model shop in Athens, Greece and I had the chance to get several decal sets for greek aircraft. Among them, were sets for Huey and Apache helicopters. When I finally decided to build an Apache and did some research for colours etc, I noticed that since the nineties, both the Hueys and the Apaches of the Hellenic Army Air Force are using the same paint scheme (Helo Drab FS34031). It made sense to build both models in parallel, so I looked for a Huey kit as well.

The Italeri kit was the only one I could find at that moment. It was first released in 1989 and unfortunately it shows. I did get a Quinta Studio 3D printed decal set for the cockpit. It was made for the Kitty Hawk kit but I was able to make it fit. Other than that, it was a simple built. It did require some filling and sanding and the transparent parts were not very good. The result did not satisfy me completely but I did the best I could with it.

Products Used

Italeri AB 205 Arma dei Carabinieri1/482739
LM Decals Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1H/AB2051/48LM48001
Quinta Studio UH-1D Huey interior 3D decal1/48QD48267