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Sanicole International Airshow 2022

(lots of) photos of my visit to the airshow that takes place every year in Sanicole airfield in Hechtel, Belgium.

The 43rd Sanicole International Air Show took place last weekend in the Sanicole airfield in Hechtel, Belgium.

I attended the second day of the show, Sunday 11 September. The morning started with heavy fog that only started to clear after 10:30. As a result, the show only begun an hour and a half late, at 11:30 and the early morning performances had to be rescheduled or even cancelled.

Overall, it was a good show. Compared to last year’s show (that I also attended) there were fewer demonstrations of jet fighters. However there were also some very interesting ones, so overall it was ok.

Personally, I missed the Czech and Hungarian Grippens, the French Rafales and the Greek F-16 “Zeus team” from last year.

HOWEVER, we were able to see, for the first time in Europe, an excellent demonstration by an American F-35A (with a female pilot!). Moreover, it flew together with a P-51D Mustang, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the USAF.

Apart from these, we saw again this year the Italian Eurofighter and M-346, and the Swiss F-18.

There were also a few aerobatic teams, like the Turkish Stars in their F-5As and the Saudi Hawks (in their Hawks).

In the show’s newsletter, they had also promised a pass-by… an F-22 but this did not happen. There was however a surprise pass-by by a… Mig-15UTI (not the same thing, I know).

This year’s Greek entry was from Team Daedalus with their T-6 Texan II, but unfortunately I have to say it was a mediocre performance.