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Vought F4U-1D Corsair

VFM-214, USS Franklin (CV-13), February 1945

Near the end of this July, a new Group Build “Pacific Air War Fighters” was organized in The Modellers Band (one my favourite Facebook groups). My self of yet-to-be-started models is getting full and I did not want to buy another one yet. I looked at it and the only model I had that fit the period was the Curtiss P-40B Warhawk by Airfix. But I had built a P-40 just 3 months ago and I did not feel like building another one this soon. So, I thought to sit this one out.

Two weeks later, I was in Greece, on holidays. One day I had some business in Nikaia and I membered that I had read of a modelling shop close by, in Korydalos. I googled it on my phone, it was just one metro stop away, so, I went to have a look!

Just a look, I won’t buy anything – I said to myself – yet a few minutes later I was back outside with this Corsair model in my bag! How could I not? The price was very good and not many stores had this available (I did a quick online research right there).

As soon as the vacation was over, I started to build it! As usual, I looked for some seatbelts but in the end I opted to go for a set of 3D-prined decals for the whole cockpit, from Quinta. As usual, they were exceptional! I also got a set of masks for the canopy and wheel rims from Eduard.

The kit is typical Tamiya: trouble-free assembly and good details. I did add some scratch-built details though: spark plug cables for the engine, some details in the internal of the engine cowling, some cabling in the cockpit and landing gear bays and the hydraulic lines on the main landing gear legs. I chose to build it with the wings in the folded position, as I thought it makes it more interesting.

As for the weathering, I did some chipping (using hairspray), some dry-brushing and a light wash.

The work in progress

Making the Carrier Deck

As this kit includes a “moto-tug” (a towing tractor), I thought it would be nice to display it in a small base. It looked like it would not be hard to build a wooden carrier deck. However, I was not able to find the metal tiedown strips.

In the end, I found a deck made of laser-engraved wood, by Laser Model Graver. I painted it with dark brown oil colours. I used AK Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminium for the tiedowns and then made it darker with black oil wash.

The finished model

Products Used

Tamiya Vought F4U-1D Corsair w/Moto-Tag1/4861085
Quinta Studio F4U-1D 3D-Printed & coloured Interior1/48QD48108
Eduard F4U-1D Masks1/48EX033
Laser Model Graver USN WWII Carrier deck1/48MA-02