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Vought F4U-1A Corsair

VF-17 Squadron, US Navy, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, February 1944.

The first model I built after a 25-year hiatus. I chose a simple but nice model in a previously familiar scale. This specific kit comes with a basic set of tools: a double headed paintbrush, a bottle of glue and 3 small cups of paint for the outer surfaces of the model. Of course, these are not enough (by far), so I also bought a number of extra tools and supplies: putty, sanding papers, paintbrushes, colors and varnish.

It was an easy to build kit with rather good exterior details. The interior was rather basic, but OK. In short, a good kit to dip your toes in the hobby. Of the two paint scheme options offered in the kit, I chose to represent an F4U-1A Corsair of the VF-17 Squadron, U. S. Navy, as it was in Bougainville, Solomon Islands on February 1944.

I used acrylic colors (the 3 provided with the kit plus some extra as per the instructions), applied with a brush. After painting and applying the decals, I did some basic crude weathering using dry-brushing. I finished it off with a coat of mat varnish.

Kit used

KitBox artScaleCode
Revell “Model-Set Vought F4U-1A CORSAIR”1/7203983