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Ukranian Air Force, Kiyv, Ukraine, 2022

I like the shape of the Mig-29 and I knew that the GWH kit is good but I held of for years as I don’t really like the “normal” russian colour scheme. Thankfully, the last few years this has changed.

For this build I used the “Ghost of Kiyv” boxing as I like the “digital” camouflage and the big Trident on the back!

The kit cockpit is very decent (raised details on the panels and separate decals for each of the instruments, PE seatbelts) so I did not feel the need to use any add-ons.

The paint scheme is given in the form of decals. They are quite good but it was very time consuming to place them corectly. It was like a puzzle. On the other hand, if I were to use masks instead, I guess that would also be very time consuming.

In the few available photos on the internet, this plane looks very clean. However, I guess it would not look stay clean after being part of the war so I tried to make it a bit more battle-worn.

The finished model

Products Used

GWH “MiG-29 9-13 “Fulcrum-C” Ghost of Kyiv – Limited Edition”1/48S4819