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Grumman F-14D Tomcat

VF-2 Squadron “Bounty Hunters”, United States Navy, USS Constellation, 2003

One year after building the excellent F-14A kit from Tamiya, I thought it was time to build one more. This time I chose the F-14D from AMK. I liked it because it can be build with extended flaps and slats and I thought it would make an interesting sight.

All in all it is a fine kit with only a few shortcomings. You need to pay very close attention to the joint of the front fuselage to the rest of the plane and to the jet intakes. Also, the position of the in-air refuelling probe is a bit wrong (but too much of a hustle for me to correct).

Another point of grief for me was the decision of AMK to stop selling the first boxing of this kit (#88007) that included all the air-to-ground weapons and 5 different decal schemes and replace it with this one (including just the usual air-to0-air missiles and 2 schemes).

The build was mostly out-of-the-box, as AMK provides excellent detail for the cockpit. I did add metal pitot tubes by Master Model, because, why not? and I used the Lantirn pod and 2 GBU bombs from Hasegawa’s Set D.

The finished model

Products Used

AvantGarde Model Kits F-14D Super Tomcat1/4888009

Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons: D – U.S Smart Bombs & Target Pods
Master Model F-14 Alfa Probe & Angle Of Attack probe1/48AM-48-007