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MDD Phantom FGR.2

74Sqn, Wattisham, Suffolk, Royal Air Force, 1992

The Mighty Phantom is one of my phavourite modern airplanes. Expect to see more Phantom models here in the near future.

In fact, a British Phantom was not in my original plans. But when I happened to see this beautiful decal set from Syhart, I had to build this.

I further rationalised my decision to build this by thinking I should try a “simple” phantom project first, before trying to do the more demanding Greek F-4E AUP model that I was planning.

The kit I used is the only Phantom FGR.2 kit available. It is a re-box of the old Hasegava kit by Revell. It is not the best Phantom kit you can get, but I would say it is above average. To make it a bit better, I also ordered a couple PE sets from Eduard for the cockpit and the ejection seats. Finally, a set of FOD covers from Quickboost fixed the one big weakness of the kit: the complete lack of details and depth of the engine intakes.

This Phantom was one of the F-4Ms that RAF received (renamed to Phantom FGR.2 because that’s what the British like to do). It was painted in this colour scheme on 1992 on the occasion of a mini Tiger-meet event that coincided with the retirement ceremony of the RAF Phantoms. Sadly, it never flew like this. It remained as a static exhibit for a while before being sold for scrap.

If you know a thing or two about Phantoms you may find it strange that the exhaust nozzles and the area behind them (including the inner portion of the stabilisers) are painted black instead of (burnt) metal. This is not a mistake. The real plane was painted like this (remember, it never flew in this configuration).

Products Used

Revell Phantom FGR.21/4804962
Eduard Phantom FGR Mk.21/48FE262
Eduard F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat British 1/4849023
Eduard Remove Before Flight UK1/4849051
Quickboost British Phantom FOD Covers1/4848965
Syhart F-4M Phantom II FGR.2 XV404 “Tigermeet 1992” 74Sqn1/48114