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921st Fighter Regiment “Sao Do” (Red Star), Vietnamese People´s Army Air Force, 1968

Whenever I think of the planes of the Vietman war, the great Phantom is what comes first in mind. This time however I thought I would deal with one of its’ opponents, the famous MiG-21. With more than 10000 planes built over the years, it is one of the more prolific Soviet era fighters.

Eduard makes very detailed MiG-21 kits in many variants. I chose the MiG-21PFM Profipack kit (in 1/48 of course) because it already includes decals for an interesting North-vietnamese plane and nice additional Photo-etched parts for the cockpit.

The construction was straight forward and I mostly just followed the instructions.

The paint scheme was a bit tricky, at least for my skills. The basic color is aluminum. I used AK Extreme Metal – Aluminum for this. The tricky part were the green splotches on top. I ended up following the method used in the real plane: freehand spray painting. Looking at the drawings and photos of the real thing, the splotches should have been smaller but with my current airbrushing skills that was the best I could manage.

The work in progress

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The finished model

Products Used

Eduard MiG-21PFM – ProfiPACK Edition1/488237