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Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet

JG400, Luftwaffe, Brandis, Germany, April 1945

As soon as I read an announcement for this kit, on April 2021, I was intrigued. A greek model company that I had never heard of! I immediately jumped to their website and went through the very detailed colour instruction manual. The kit looked very detailed and it included paint masks for the canopy, PE and 3D printed parts and 6 different paint schemes. I placed an order right away!

As I was waiting for the kit, I searched for any available add-ons and I found that CMK produces a Resin kit for the “Schleuch Schlepper”, the special tractor that was used to tow the Me 163. I ordered that as well.

Both kits were waiting patiently their turn to be built for around 8 months. Their time came when I decided to take part on the 2nd Online Contest Campaign “Plastic model kits at any scale!”, organised by “The Modelers Band“, one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of.

The construction of the Komet kit was trouble-free. The kit is indeed designed very well and it is highly detailed. The internal detail (cockpit, canon access hatches, landing skid) is excellent and the included masks for the canopy were very helpful. The application of the included decals (printed by Cartograph) was perfect.

The Schleuch Schlepper offers two configurations for attaching to the plane. The first one is a simple tow bar (that was used in combination with the Komet’s removable main landing gears). This was used to move the Komets in position before the take off (during which they dropped the landing gear to the ground). The second configuration consists of a tracked crane like structure that was used to lift the entire plane up after it landed on it’s single skid. This configuration was too fiddly (with thin and fragile resin parts and a lot of PE parts), so I chose the first one with the tow bar.

The finishing touch was a display base. It is by Uschi van der Rosten, it’s made of cardboard and it represents a typical base used for this kind of aircraft.

In the end, the Komet managed to take the second place in the aviation category in the 2nd Online Contest Campaign “Plastic model kits at any scale!”, sharing it with the Heinkel He 162a-2 Spatz that I also submitted!

The work in progress

The finished model

Products Used

GasPatch Models Me 163B Komet1/4820-48236
CMK Schleuch Schlepper for Me 1631/48129-4090
Uschi van der Rosten Rasensteine 48th rectangular1/483049