scale models

Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter

335 Squadron (“Tiger”), 116 Wing, Araxos, Hellenic Air-Force, 1989

Building the F-104G cockpit in 1/12 brought me back memories of one of my first scale models, the F-104G and gave me the motivation to build another one, that I already had in my stash!

As I mentioned when building the first kit, the Kinetic kit it is an excellent kit with nice details extras. Note that this specific boxing, includes two sets of fuselages, allowing us to build either the 1-seat or the 2-seat version. This time, I chose to build the latter, the TF-104G. The markings provided are for 8 german machines but I already had a set by Icarus that provides decals for several greek Starfighters, so I used that.

The work in progress

The finished model

Products Used

Kinetic “Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter”1/48K48089
Icarus Decals “Hellenic Air Force Jets Part 2”1/4848003