scale models

“Houston we’ve had a problem”

Apollo 13 Command Service Module “Odyssey” and Lunar Module “Aquarius”

Space is a very intereting subject, almost as interesting as aircraft so I thought it would be nice to buils a spaceship. I have read a lot about the apollo space program and about this particular mission. So, when I saw this model from Dragon, it was an easy decision to get it.

The kit is not very complicated. I built it almost out of the box. I only added a little detail inside the hatch that was blown away from the explosion, namely some pipes and cables (using lead solder wire) and heatshields (using aluminum foil). Oh, and I had to replace a couple of the nozzles of the small reaction control thrusters as they are very easy to break (and lose).

The Work in Progress

The finished model

Products Used

Dragon “Houston, we’ve had a problem” Apollo 131/7211020