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General Dynamics F-111C “Pig”

1 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, Amberley, Australia, 1993

The F-111 was not a plane I cared much about. But I saw an unboxing video of the HobbyBoss kit and it looked very interesting. I chose the F-111C version as it was a bit different than the usual american schemes.

The kit includes some nice details, like the ability to have all the wing control surfaces in the extended position. It includes the radar, electronic bays and both engines. What is strange is that it is not possible to display the engines without extensive surgery of the fuselage.

I did want to display the radar and the electronic basy so I made my own hinges for the Radome and panel covers. Strangely, HobbyBoss provides neither.

The kit’s cockpit is fairly complete. I just added Eduard PE seatbelts and a scratchbuilt HUD.

The work in progress

The finished model

Products Used

HobbyBoss “Australian F-111C Pig”1/4880349
Eduard “F-111 late seatbelts”1/4849500
New Ware “F-111 Aardvark – EXPERT kabuki masks”1/48NWAM0351
New Ware “F-111 – Exhaust nozzle kabuki masks”1/48NWAM0352
Master Model “General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark – Pitot Tube”1/48AM-48-047