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Dassault Mirage 2000EGM3

332 Squadron “Geraki” (Hawk), 114 Wing, Hellenic Air Force, Tanagra, Greece, 2020

Greece received their first Mirage 2000 planes on 1988. Ever since then, they are one of my favourite aircraft so, it’s time I built a model of it. However, at the time I decided to built one (August 2021), the Kinetic kit was out of stock in the modeling web stores that I have access to. I did buy a set of Quinta 3D-decals for the cockpit and I kept watching for the kit availability. I finally found and bought the kit on January 2022 but I had other projects on my bench and did not start to build it right away. I did come around to it at the middle of October 2022 and here are the results.

The kit by Kinetic is decent but there are some points that require attention. It lacks details in the landing gear bays and the engine exhaust. Most importantly, there are issues with the fit of the wings and the engine intakes with the fuselage. The gaps were too big for putty alone, so I needed to insert thin plastic-card slices between them.

The Kinetic kit provides options for building a Mirage 2000C or a Mirage 2000-5. I chose to build it as a Mirage 2000C of the Greek airforce (the exact designation is Mirage 2000EGM3) in its late days, used at the Air to Surface role. To do this, I used an AM-39 Exoset missile from Reskit in a modified pylon. While I was at it, I added 2 R-550 Magic-2 missiles from Reskit as well.

The work in progress

The finished model

Products Used

Kinetic Mirage 2000C1/48K48042
Quinta Studio Mirage 2000C Interior 3D-Decal (for Kinetic kit)1/48QD48113
RESKIT Exocet missile (2 PCS)1/48RS48-0195
RESKIT R-550 Magic-2 missile (4 pcs)1/48RS48-0053
Master Model Dassault Mirage 2000 Pitot Tube1/48AM-48-031