scale models

Bristol Beaufighter TF.X

489 (NZ) Squadron, Royal Air Force, Langham, UK, 1944

I happened to read an article on the Beaufighter and it picked my interest enough to want to build a model of it. After doing some basic research I saw that there are two kits for this 1/48, one from Tamiya and one from Revell. The Tamiya kit is older and supposedly less detailed (for example, in the engines). This made me opt for the Revell kit.

On hindsight, perhaps I should have gone for the Tamiya one. So far, I have not seen a Tamiya kit with fitting issues, as opposed to this one from Revell. I did face some issues, especially in the engine cowlings and on the nose.

Other than that, it was not so bad. I scratch built quite a few details in the cockpit, in the area behind the pilot’s seat and inside the back of the fuselage. Sadly, most of it is hidden once the fuselage is closed.

The only extras I used were seatbelts from a “RAF seatbelts” set by Eduard.

The work in progress

The finished model

Products Used

Revell Bristol Beaufighter TF.X1/4803943
Eduard Seatbelts RAF early STEEL1/4849097