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BAe Harrier GR Mk.5

1st Fighter Squadron, Norway, Royal Air-Force, 1990

Even before I started building the F-104G, I already had the next project in mind. The reason was a photo I happened to see online: a couple of Harriers on their way to a NATO exercise in Norway. What was special about them was the temporary white paint pattern, applied over the normal green:

Thankfully, Hasegawa produces the exact model with the correct squadron markings (minus the white pattern) and Passion132 had it in stock.

This kit is pretty standard Hasegawa quality. The cockpit detail is good enough so I did not bother to get an aftermarket kit. However, after starting the construction I did decide to get an aftermarket ejection seat. I got a Martin-Baker Mk12/A by Aires from, a shop that specializes in my favorite scale.

The construction was pretty straightforward. I mostly just followed the instructions. Then it was time for the camouflage. After a coat of grey primer and a coarse pre-shading with black, I applied the “normal” paint scheme, using Mr. Hobby acrylics as per Hasegawa’s instructions: H309 Green FS34079 for the upper surfaces and a 50-50 mix of H320 Dark Green and H25 Dark Sea Grey for the lower surfaces. Then, after extended masking, I applied the white pattern using Mission Models MMP-001 White.

Finally, I applied a bit of light weathering.

Below, some photos from the construction phase:

Products Used

Hasegawa “Harrier GR Mk.5 Royal Air Force”1/4809585
Aires “M.B. Mk-12/A ejection seat (British Harriers)”1/48AIR4419